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Aberdeen Angus

This year, the breeding community has decided in addition to evaluate German Angus breed,
expand with known lines by building up a red Aberdeen Angus breed.


The entry is based on sucklerbases from known and successful lines
USA - Canada - Denmark.
We open up the possibility of the Hessian Angus breeding to market them worldwide.

AA breeding animal Hop

AA breeding animal Calif

AA breeding animal Denver

AA breeding animal Ertel

AA breeding animal Orzo

AA breeding animal Claudius 

AA breeding animal Etos

AA breeding animal Etos
                                                                                                                    Etos als Calw:

AA-Bull calf with red factor
A Rawburn sires with red factor is in our herd, most recently.
Father: Rawburn-Edge

AA breeding animal Simo 


Breeding animal Gonzo

AA breeding animal Svenson


Red Aberdeen Angus - Made in Hessen